Pitch Deck Creation

Pitch Deck 

We create each pitch deck to provide the investors with the necessary information to be convinced about your idea.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a presentation used by startups, entrepreneurs, Mergers & Acquisition firms and other fundraising intermediaries. It includes information and analysis about the problem that the company aims to solve and its business model. This document is presented to potential investors with the intention of providing them with sufficient information that would be required to provide an indication of interest. 

Pitch deck is a critical presentation that requires experience, thought and attention. A badly designed pitch deck would reflect poorly on your startup but, even worse, it might cost you your chance of getting funded.

Process followed by Jumpstart Ventures

We strive to provide the highest level of quality of content and in terms of design ensuring to highlight the key components of your business in a manner that would attract investors. 

Our experienced team helps in creating a pitch deck that is geared toward capturing interest from angel investors, venture capital firms, family offices and other types of institutional firms.

Our team will contact you to understand your business in detail and the vision for your company.

You could share the pitch deck that you have created and any additional information about your company.

Your presentation will transform into a presentation that will make your pitch 10x more powerful.


An investor ready presentation will be delivered to you.

Important slides required in a Pitch Deck 

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of adding excessive amounts of information in the pitch deck with the idea to provide a clear picture to the investors. On the contrary, the slides in a pitch deck must include a lesser percentage of text and more infographics with necessary information to get the investor to ask for more information. The following are the important slides in a Pitch Deck: 

  1. Vision and value proposition
  2. The problem
  3. Market opportunity
  4. The solution
  5. Revenue model/ business model
  6. Competition
  7. Marketing and sales strategy
  8. Traction and validation/roadmap
  9. Management Team
  10. Financial Projections
  11. Investment Requirement & Utilization of funds

Documents that Investors would require after the Pitch Deck 

Financial models 

After an investor has gone through your pitch deck and shown interest in your business idea, they would request you to provide a detailed financial model This financial model must include a financial projection, scenario planning, profit and loss forecast and a cash flow forecast. It would provide the investors with an insight about  the utilisation of funds and the assumptions used to arrive at the projected figures. 

Investors want to evaluate your plans for fixed and variable expenses such as employee expenses, manufacturing costs, advertisement expenses, R&D expenses and so on. Preparing a detailed financial model that includes, scenario planning profit and loss and cash flow forecast. Visually representations of data in the form of different graphs are proven to be more effective. 

Business Plan  

Business Plan may be created for internal & external purposes. Any investor would appreciate it if the entrepreneur would provide more details about your target market, competitors and the strategies going forward. Having a detailed business plan would leave a good impression on the investor since all the necessary information required for the decision-making process is formulated, organised and provided as a single document.

The pitch deck is a summary of your business plan that includes only the most vital aspects of the presentation to attract investors and differentiate your proposal from the other businesses. Investors receive multiple investment opportunities on a daily basis and therefore they cannot evaluate the entire business plan of every investment opportunity sent across.

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